Contract law

Westfield is a legal firm specialized in contract law review under Moroccan regulations.

We attach particular importance to the drafting of your commercial contract templates but also to the negotiation of your contracts with your partners.

Having an up to date template of contract is essential today to be able to ensure maximum legal protection for your company but also to save time in negotiation.

A good model contract must ensure complete protection , while considering all the possible situations that may arise, and all the solutions to be provided in the event of a blockage. A good model should also be simple to facilitate the negotiation process and focus on the essentials.

Thanks to our Smart Contracts tool we automate your templates to make it easier for you to manage your contracts by saving your resources and increasing the legal protection of your company.

In a second phase, we intervene for the review of contracts and the negotiation of contractual clauses.

Thanks to an expertise in negotiation, we ensure a fast but efficient negotiation that will allow you to quickly sign your contractual commitments while ensuring complete protection against the risks inherent in any commercial transaction.

Our expertise focuses on negociating contracts under Moroccan law, OHADA law and any other French based corpus of law.