Corporate law

Company transformation: Westfield business law firm assists its clients in the transformation of a company from SARL, SA,SAS to SA, SAS, SARL or any other type of company provided for by the Moroccan commercial code.

Structuring of governance: the business law firm Westfield assists its clients in the structuring and restructuring of corporate governance: creation of a board of directors or supervisory board, alternating and rotating management between the partners to guarantee a balance powers within companies, creation of audit and compliance sub-committees, creation of a management board or the functions of deputy CEO.

Corporate law litigation: Westfield business law firm intervenes in the event of blockade between partners to help defend the interests of a party or more generally to find a solution acceptable to the parties;

Drafting of partners’ pacts: Westfield business law firm specializes in drafting tailor-made shareholders agreements for efficient management of the company and legal protection of shareholders’ investments. The firm offers tailor-made shareholder agreements combining legal ingenuity and simplicity while providing for adequate mechanisms to avoid blockages and conflict situations.

Litigation and mediation between shareholders: Westfield acts in the context of all types of conflicts between shareholders. We favor mediation but can also have recourse to the court within the framework of a dispute in the event of blockage or refusal of mediation by one of the Parties.