Fiscal law : specialized tax law firm in Casablanca

Thanks to specific expertise in tax matters, Westfield law firm, specialized tax law firm, is able to assist its clients in all areas of tax law and more specifically in the following areas:

  • tax advice: by monitoring annual changes to the finance law, the business law firm develops expertise and precise knowledge of the provisions of tax law. It also knows the interpretation of the law by administrations and courts thanks to its practice and is able to deliver effective advice adapted to the situation of its clients.
  • tax audit assistance: thanks to its practice and its knowledge of legal provisions, the Westfield business law firm assists its clients in the tax audit phases. Its expertise in tax matters, its mastery of the law but also its skills in negotiation make Westfield law firm an interlocutor of choice to assist clients during tax audits. Finally, its knowledge of tax litigation allows it to inform its client in the best choices and can play a dissuasive role in the face of tax audits when the latter does not comply with the provisions of the law.
  • tax audit,
  • restructuring or structuring of cross-border investments,
  • review of international tax treaties,
  • tax litigation,
  • assistance before departmental commissions.